After Fireworks-Filled Fourth of July, Scared Pets Turn Up at Local Shelters

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BRAZOS COUNTY After searching for the perfect spot to see those July 4th fireworks, many pet owners might be spending the few days searching for their pets. Fireworks can frighten animals, so much that they can escape their yards and fences to get away.

There's rarely a quiet moment at the Aggieland Humane Society. Volunteers are busy cleaning cages, and helping visitors look for new or lost pets.

"Since the 4th of July, we've gotten about a dozen calls from people who've lost their dogs during the firework period," explains Kathy Bice, the Executive Director of the Aggieland Humane Society.

Of those 12 calls, two called back saying they found their pets. During that same period, since July 4th, they've taken in seven dogs

The fire works around the nation's birthday scare some animals.

"When the fireworks start, dogs start looking for a way to jump out of the fence or go hide somewhere and we receive a flurry of calls," says Bice.

A lot of dogs get anxiety. Bice recommends a thunder shirt to keep your pets at peace.

"Sort of like a swaddling shirt for dogs. It actually puts pressure on the accu-pressure points and it calms them down," says Bice.

The most important thing a pet own can do is put a Brazos County tag on your pet each year and make sure your pet is micro chipped.

That way they stay in your yard and not at the shelter.

Pets that find their way to shelter have a three day period before the shelter assumes ownership. Aggieland Humane Society says if you lose your pet, call the shelters every three days to see if they have been found.