Aggie At The World Cup

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BRYAN - One very lucky Texas A&M student got a front row seat to watch Sunday's soccer match between the U.S. and Portugal in Brazil. However, what he was holding is what got lots of Aggies talking.

Sophomore Ryan Walton got a lot of attention from Aggies for holding the university's flag on live television. Walton says he never expected the overwhelming response he's gotten for sporting the maroon and white flag. " I wanted those people to know where I'm from, and I wanted to represent the school on the large stage," Walton says.

The finance major says he and his father got front row seats to the match. He says the atmosphere at Kyle Field during football season is pretty incredible, but nothing like this. 'If you want me to compare it to an American sporting event, I can't. There's nothing like it. I can maybe compare it to the Superbowl."

The moment he and millions of U.S. soccer fans can't forget is Portugal's game tying goal with only 30 seconds left in the game.
Walton says, " It was a kick in the gut."

He's hoping for a different outcome on Thursday when he'll watch the U.S. take on Germany before he heads home to Bryan on Friday.