Aggie Band, Reveille Won't Attend Football Game in Arkansas

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Texas A&M will play the University of Arkansas this Saturday in Fayetteville, but two symbols of Aggie tradition will be missing. Arkansas says the Aggie Band and Reveille won't be allowed on the field, but it's nothing personal.

"Apparently in the SEC, you have to ask that university permission to perform at halftime. So we sent a letter asking. They sent one back that said you can come to the game, but you can't perform at halftime," said Karly Hartman, a senior in the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band.

Arkansas athletic officials say their home game schedule is to blame.

"With a limited number of home games on campus, we have limited opportunities to recognize those from the University and former student-athletes, groups etc., so we must maximize the opportunities we do have," said Kevin Trainor, University of Arkansas Associate Athletic Director for Public Relations.

Arkansas athletic officials say the Razorback marching band will perform during halftime Saturday. Arkansas will also recognize their SEC Football Legend of the year.

No matter what the reason is, A&M had to cancel more than 100 hotel rooms.

"I was looking forward to getting up to Fayetteville," said Geoffrey Germaine, member of the Aggie Band.

"We're mostly bummed out, because we really like going to the away games," said Hartman.

Aggies are also bummed out, because the Razorbacks aren't allowing Reveille at the game either. In fact, they don't allow any live mascots on their home turf.

"She's part of the corps, and she's part of A&M. The fact that they won't let us take her up there...I mean that's even more disappointing than them not letting us play," said Germaine.

Arkansas officials say they look forward to seeing the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band and Reveille on the field next year when the two teams face off at the Southwest Classic being played at the Cowboys AT&T Stadium in Arlington.