Aggie Beat Writers and Heisman Voters Think Johnny Has It In The Bag

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Johnny Manziel's press conference put a big spotlight on College Station Tuesday. The only thing that would make it burn brighter-a Heisman Trophy.

"It's been interesting this year to see how the Heisman hype has built," said Aggie beat writer Brent Zwerneman.

Zwerneman has been a Heisman voter since 1995. The San Antonio Express News and Houston Chronicle writer doesn't think the fact Manziel is a freshman should hurt his chances at taking the trophy.

"His numbers are so overwhelming and so much better than anyone else's that I think even the old school guys are now seeing that they can't ignore this freshman from Kerrville, Texas," said Zwerneman.

"I don't think age or class should be an issue at all," said sports writer Olin Buchanan.

Buchanan has been keeping up with the Aggies for over 30 years and has been voting for the Heisman Trophy winner since 1993. Now a writer for Texags, Buchanan also thinks Johnny Football will be the first freshman to take the award.

"The award says the most outstanding college football player. It doesn't say the most outstanding sophomore, junior, or senior," said Buchanan.

Both of the voters are sworn to secrecy when it comes to who they voted for but if you read between the lines, you can get a pretty good idea whose name they did write on the Heisman ballot.

"When you discuss it this much and talk about what you think and offer your opinion on it, I think people can get a pretty good idea at which way I'm leaning at this point," said Zwerneman.

"Johnny Manziel in my opinion is the most outstanding player," said Buchanan.

But is there a chance that Johnny Football could return home empty handed?

"I would be shocked at this point," said Zwerneman.

"I think he's going to win it and yeah, I would be absolutely surprised if he does not," said Buchanan.

Heisman ballots from all 870 media member voters and 57 former Heisman winners are due by December 3rd.

The Heisman Trophy will be awarded on December 8th in New York City.