Aggie Corps Showing Continuing Signs of Growth

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Many Aggies who wore the Corps uniform took part in the D-Day operations and the entirety of World War II. As many take time to remember that conflict and a defining moment in it, today's Corps is continuing to show signs of growth.

This past January, we showed you the ceremonies for the reactivation of a couple of units, including one Governor Rick Perry was a part of as a student. Two additional units had be reactivated in early 2012.

If the growth pattern continues, that reactivation may repeat itself sooner rather than later.

According to the Corps, they're anticipating in the neighborhood of 2,400 cadets when the fall semester begins. When the Fall 2012 semester began a little more than 2,300 were on A&M's quad. According to the university, it was the largest number of cadets in 15 years.

Recruiting efforts have been focused on a variety of Texas locations, even as far as El Paso, where Brig. Gen. Joe Ramirez, the commandant of the Corps, has visited.

"Our leader development program is second-to-none as far as I'm concerned," Gen. Ramirez said. "When you look at what employers are looking for out there among new employees, leadership is still number one."

Ramirez was the keynote speaker at the Bryan/College Station Chamber of Commerce's membership luncheon Thursday.