Aggie Fans Battle Extreme Heat at Season Opener

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COLLEGE STATION Temperatures scorched fans Saturday afternoon as more than 80,000 people packed Kyle Field for the Texas A&M football season opener. Some fans were ready for the gameday heat, but others were shocked by the warm sting of a noon kickoff.

"Right now it's pretty dang hot!" said Erin McGregor, a Texas A&M former student. "That's why I'm under the shade."

She's one of nearly 90,000 in town to see the Aggies hit the field, but she's making sure her priority is her health.

"You definitely don't want to get dehydrated out here with 102 degree heat later on," McGregor said.

She said she's seen what too much heat and not enough hydration can do to people at games.

"I've seen several people just pass out in the stands and it's a really scary thing," McGregor said.

The medical staff stayed busy during the game. More than a dozen people became sick from heat related illnesses before the first half. Saturday's kickoff against Rice is one of the hottest season openers A&M has seen in years and fans were doing everything they could to stay cool.

Dennis McMillen even installed fans at his tailgate to help lower the scorching temps.

"A lot of days we come out and the humidity is high here in College Station and we don't get a lot of wind blowing around," McMillen said. He said the air movement is key to help keep himself healthy in extreme heat.

While some huddled under tents, Scott Archer and his family sought some relief from the heat inside the Memorial Student Center on Texas A&M's campus.

"We figured there was no point sitting out there for another hour, so we might as well suck up some AC," Archer said.

Despite the heat, Aggie fans agree that the blazing temperatures were worth enduring to be able to see the team take home their first victory of the season.