Aggie Fans Celebrate Cotton Bowl Game In B/CS

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From bringing the Heisman Trophy back to Aggieland to making an amazing impression in the SEC, Aggie Fans have a lot to be happy about.

Football fans celebrated Friday night with watch parties as the #9 Aggies took on the #11 Oklahoma Sooners and former Big 12 rival.

Now Aggies have a victory in the 2013 AT&T Cotton Bowl.

Those that didn't make the trip to Arlington were watching the game at home or at local bars and restaurants.

The 12th Man is full force with standing room only at Sully's Sports Grill & Bar in College Station.

It was a full house Friday as Texas A&M took on the Oklahoma Sooners in the AT&T Cotton Bowl.

"Gig' Em Aggies!," said Matt Holtkamp a student at Blinn College and future Aggie.

Holtkamp and his wife Ashley are Aggie fans.

He's not been surprised by the team's first year success in the SEC.

"It's pretty amazing. You know Manziel's been doing his thing pretty much since they started you know third down conversions and taking them for first downs and touchdowns. And doing what he's been doing all year," he said.

There was even an impromptu concert by members of the Singing Cadets.

"Johnny Football! Gig 'Em Aggies!," said a group of girls.

Shayne Hassel is a Senior at A&M and came to watch with a bunch of friends and was expecting a win.

"The best season. I've lived here my whole life and definitely the best season so far," she said.

Sully's General Manager Glen Kemp had all 55 TVs tuned into the action.

They encouraged the 12th Man to come early.

"We started to fill up about 6 o'clock, 5:45. You can tell the game is on and Johnny's already doing well. We anticipated this and we were fully staffed," said Kemp.

"There's probably a lot of people that probably didn't think it was going to be this good and it's been very impressive and very fun to watch. I've gone to a couple of their games this year and it's been a lot of fun," added Matt Holtkamp.

The Aggies built a comfortable lead second half and pulled out a victory.

The final score was Texas A&M 41 - Oklahoma 13.