Aggie Fans Happy About Joeckel But Left Wanting More

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Football is always a hot topic at Sully's Sports Bar and Grill and Thursday night's NFL draft was no exception.

"You're ready for everybody to get up, cheer, and roar but it was just one big, urghhhh," said Sully's owner Mark Holubec.

While he wasn't first, Joeckel did get selected second by the Jacksonville Jaguars much to the delight of those at the watch party.

"We were just hopping he'd be the number one pick but Kansas City decided to go another route. It's their loss," said Kyle Mohan.

Mohan works at Texas A&M and he thinks the A&M's streak of three straight years with players selected in the Top 10 is a sign of the direction of the team.

"It just shows that we're in top contention for possibly even a national championship run," said Mohan.

"The good news is whoever is making those decisions for Kansas City isn't doing it for the Cowboys or the Texans," said Ted Lowe.

Lowe graduated from A&M in 1958 and he too thinks KC missed the boat on Joeckel.

"He played in a lot tougher league and proved himself from his first day as a freshman so I don't know what else they were looking for," said Lowe.

Because even though he was number two in the draft, number one would have meant that much more.

"I'm disappointed because I think it would have been some great publicity for him and our university," said Lowe.

Joeckel is the highest drafted Aggie offensive lineman ever.