Aggie Fans Relish Last Home Game

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Fans were energized and upbeat as the band walked through for the last home game.

Roland Martin, an Aggie from the Class of 91' and now a CNN Analyst says the Aggies are stepping up their game.

"Everyone is saying oh the BIG BAD SEC now you guys are playing big boy football there's a whole lot of folks who shut their mouths and are shocked how well A&M has done the first year."

Martin also says that Johnny Manziel should win the Heisman trophy.

"There's no doubt in my mind he's the best player in the country and should absolutely win the Heisman trophy."

And plenty of other fans agree. A super fan sang and played a song with his guitar as a tribute to Johnny Manziel, as the football players walked through the campus.

A family of Aggies were full of spirit.

"They've surpassed all expectations, we were excited about the move to the SEC"

"Let's see what they're saying now, the wrecking crew is back. I think they've proven that they belong in the SEC or in any league they can do their best," said Merinda Martin.

"That's what happens when you play big boy football in Texas," said Roland Martin.

Fans are looking forward to the next football season and expect the game to be even better.