Crow Thinks Manziel Should be A&M's Second Heisman Winner

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas -- The original Johnny Football at Texas A&M has a Heisman Trophy on the shelf, and feels that Johnny Manziel should become the second Aggie to win the award.

John David Crow won the Heisman in 1957, and says without a doubt Manziel is the best player in the land in 2012. "I think that he was the most outstanding player this year, and I don't understand how anybody could say anything but that."

There's talk that a freshman should not and will not win the award, but Crow thinks Manziel has a great shot at becoming the first freshman to bring home the Heisman. Crow said, "I can't find anything in writing to say that you have to be an upperclassman to be awarded the most outstanding player in the country. I don't understand why people are making a big deal out of the fact that he's a freshman. He's a football player and he is one of the best."

Heisman voters are not allowed to say which players they voted for before the trophy is given out, but, in talking with Crow, you can make a pretty good guess as to who got his vote. "I got a big long letter from the president of the board, stating that we're not supposed to let anybody know who we vote for. We gotta keep it quiet, but you know I'm an Aggie. You know where my love is, so I'll let you guess who I"m gonna vote for."