Aggie Mariachis Share Music To Celebrate Cinco De Mayo

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As Aggies Juanmanuel Hernandez, Adrian Rodriguez, and Adrian Cavazos practice inside the G. Rollie White Coliseum, it's hard not to get transported to another place and time.

The three musicians are part of the Aggieland Mariachis also known as Mariachis Anillos De Oro a tribute to their Aggie ring.

"I'm a third generation mariachi," said Juanmanuel, the leader of the program.

His goal for the group is to open up the ears and minds of listeners.

"It's just a way to continue my heritage and bring the Hispanic community something they don't usually get to listen to here in the Bryan/College Station area," said Juanmanuel.

"It helps spreads out our Mexican culture. It spreads it out through different cities," said Cavazos.

"When I found out that I was coming to college, I wanted to see if they had anything like this here. Surprisingly they did," said Rodriguez.

With eight members from all over the state, the Aggieland Mariachis are a blend of Texas talent that takes on this Tejano tradition.

"It's amazing how we all put our music together and create one product, a song, and we bring joy to people," said Juanmanuel.

"There are some crowds you get that just think of you as background music, but then there are those that pay attention to everything you're doing, they clap, they jump around. It just feels good when the crowd is involved as well," said Rodriguez.

And that joy was on full display at the Anson Jones Elementary Cinco de Mayo celebration. For the most part.

In fact the group spreads joy around wherever they go and people will do just about anything to hear them tocar la guitarra.

"What do y'all charge just to sing to me right now," said Juanmanuel.

It's all to gives folks something a little spicier than they might be used to.

"It just feels good giving another view of something to people. Especially with music," said Rodriguez.

The group charges $350 an hour and the money is put into a pot for the year. At the end of the year, that pot is split up into scholarships for the performers.

If you'd like to hire the Aggieland Mariachis or hear more of their music, we've got a link with more information below.