Aggie Parents Hit Bryan-College Station For Eating, Shopping and Family

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With Texas A&M University's Parent's Weekend here, the tents are up, the BBQ is flying of the pits, and business are rolling out the red carpet.

"This is a huge weekend with parents weekend," said Carole Crutchfield with C.C. Creations.

With so many in town, C.C. Creations is putting on its tent sale usually reserved for game days.

"We plan for this week even months in advance," said Crutchfield.

"It's crazy today," said David Smith with Ruffino Meats.

Over in Northgate, deliveries are a constant. Smith will be working over 12 hours on Friday just to make sure everyone is stocked up for the weekend.

"It's tough but time flies by," said Smith.

"Monday and Tuesday we started ordering more food for the cooler, stocking up the cooler, and cooking more brisket," said John Cryer with C&J BBQ.

And all these folks have to eat and you could tell from the lunch time line at C&J's.

"Friday is going to be like a game day, Saturday is like a game day, it's all going to be busy all the way through Sunday," said Cryer.

"The difference is just amazing. The feeling is just pumped up so much more," said Aggie mom Cheryl Elliott.

Elliott is from El Paso and she is out with her daughter Ashley are experiencing everything that B/CS has to offer.

"We're going to the maroon and white game, shopping, we've already been to all the tent sales, and going out to eat to some of the places they haven't been to before,' said Ashley.

You see this is the last shot for local businesses to bulk up sales before the slow summer starts up.

"This is the last hoorah until graduation then after that it's nothing," said Cryer.

But for the Aggies it's all about getting a chance to spend some time with family and friends.

"We cherish every moment that we can," said Cheryl.