Aggie Pays It Forward to Honor Lost Loved Ones

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COLLEGE STATION- After losing family members in a tragic accident a year ago, one Aggie is looking at life in a whole different way. In honor of her family members' death, she has decided to give back to the community that supported her so much in her time of need... by paying it forward.

"There's just so many ways to show an act of kindness," said Texas A&M University senior Alyson Ledet.

She's making goody bags for strangers because it's what her family would have wanted her to do.

"Just a smile, a hug, a compliment, anything," Alyson said. "I know my brothers would be all over it."

A year ago, Alyson lost her uncle, little brothers and father in a tragic plane crash. Since the accident, Alyson and her family have had overwhelming support from the community.

"This is just so close to my heart because my dad, my uncle, Paul and Mason lived everyday for others, not for themselves," Alyson said.

Now, she is paying it forward in honor of those she loved dearly.

"They didn't have to have anyone to tell them to pay it forward or be kind or loving," Alyson said. "That's just their nature and they were so great. They made such a difference in this world and in the lives of so many people who didn't know them and that's what I want to do."

One way she's giving back is by making gift bags and delivering them to patients and staff at Scott and White Hospital, because it's something her brothers would have done.

"It just means a lot to continue on their legacy," Alyson said. "Just because their gone doesn't mean that the love that they shared has to end."

Alyson's mother, Debbie Ledet, feels the same way and is proud of her daughter for carrying on and moving forward.

"She's always had this heart of gold," Debbie said. "I was just so touched. I felt that was something that would truly honor them and they would want it to be this way."

Although she lost some of the people closest to her, Alyson says it's through her love of Christ that has held her together and she wouldn't have it any other way.

"I can just hear my dad say that he's proud of me," Alyson said. "It's what keeps me going a lot of the time. I can just picture him saying I'm proud of you and that he loves me."