Aggie Ryan Swope Finalist For NCAA Football Video Game Cover

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Ryan Swope stopped by Aggieland Outfitters on Thursday and even though he's not running for any office, this was definitely a campaign stop.

You see Swope is a finalist to appear on the cover of the NCAA Football Video Game by EA Sports and that's a big deal.

"I actually grew up playing the video game and to now be sitting here tying to get on the cover is a dream come true. It's incredible," said Swope.

Swope is going up against Michigan's Denard Robinson and at this moment, Robinson is ahead in votes on the EA Sports NCAA Football Facebook page.

"We're down a couple of thousand so we need to rally the troop in Texas but it's just a blessing to have this opportunity," said Swope

So with a week left in the voting, Aggieland Outfitters stepped up the campaigning by teaming up with Ryan on a shirt, asking for your vote.

"When Ryan made it to the final two, we wanted to do something to help him win," said Dallas Shipp with Aggieland Outfitters.

And this shirt might bring back memories from the movie Napoleon Dynamite.

"We thought we'd make a fun shirt so we took the 'Vote for Pedro' look and did 'Vote For Swope,' " said Shipp.

With a week remaining on the vote, politicking is at an all time high. You see A&M has never been featured on the cover of the NCAA Football game and Swope believes it's time.

"No better university deserves it to be on that cover than A&M. We've gone through ups and downs but I think competing in the SEC this year, making a name for ourselves, having a Heisman winner, I think it's our time to get that publicity and get on that cover," said Swope.

Now if you'd like your own 'Vote for Swope' shirt, they're on sale at Aggieland Outfitters for $12 a piece and next Friday the store hopes to organize a 'Swope Out' to get everybody wearing their shirts as a reminder to go vote. Voting lasts till March 8th and of course we've got a link to the NCAA Football cover vote below.