Aggie Student Bonfire Set to Burn Saturday, January 18

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ROBERTSON COUNTY The Aggie Student Bonfire is set to burn Saturday night, January 18, weather permitting.

You may recall that it was originally set to burn a few days before the Texas A&M football game with Missouri back in November, but heavy rain turned roads leading to the bonfire site into a mud bog.

Well the rain the last couple of days has once again turned the area in Robertson County muddy, but bonfire leaders are optimistic that things will be OK in time for Saturday's burn.

Student volunteer Andrew Pekowski says, "We postponed it back in November because of all the rain and we couldn't safely have people come out here, and if we couldn't bring all the Aggies out here, you know we aren't going to burn it."

For decades the Aggie Bonfire stood for the burning desire to beat the h-e-double-hockey sticks out of t-u, otherwise known as the University of Texas.

But with A&M's move to the Southeastern Conference, and beginning in the fall, the bonfire burn will take place before A&M's Thanksgiving Day game against LSU.