Aggie Student Raises Awareness for MD Cure

Kyle Cox has been devoted to Texas A&M all his life. Now his dream school is supporting him in the fight against Muscular Dystrophy. Submitted Photo. 27 September 2014
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COLLEGE STATION - For Aggie Freshman Kyle Cox, time is precious, which is why he won't rest until a cure for the disease that's impacted his life is found.

While the Aggies play, he's raising awareness for a disease that is taking lives while researchers frantically race to find a cure.

"I mean I've been to a bowl game before and and Cowboy stadium just to watch A&M play."

Cox made a special trip to the A&M/Arkansas game.

"It's really neat watching A&M play in Cowboy stadium."

But getting the ball across the field isn't the only battle being fought at today's gridiron matchup.

"It's a big fundraising weekend in college football for my disease called Coach to Cure."

Cox has Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

College coaches nationwide are stepping up through Coach to Cure to raise awareness and money to fund research for the disease that slowly takes away muscle function, mostly in boys, until they are unable to function on their own.

A reality Kyle's mom, Kristen, knows all too well.

"The path of this disease is very predictable, it's not like some other diseases where the outcome could be one way or another," Kristen said.

In fact, she's bracing for the reality of facing every parent's worst fear.

"The prognosis is challenging."

But just maybe, events like Coach to Cure can help make sure parents don't have to outlive their kids.

"It's really neat to see coaches and even players care that much about it," Kyle said.

Cox is in good with the team that he's loved since he was born.

"Sumlin is a really cool guy to talk to."

He refuses to let his disease get him down.

"It's not the disability, it's the ability."

At the end of the day, it's all about finding a cure.

"It's something I know will happen one day."