Triplets Receive Aggie Rings From Their First Grade Teacher

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas Getting your Aggie Ring is always a special day but for one family it comes in threes.

Triplets Kaitlyn, Alyssa and Lauren Gainer received their rings Friday night and those closest to them were there to share in the memorable moment.

A moment and tradition for hundreds of thousands of Aggies who wear the gold of the university they call home.

The Aggie Ring brought hundreds of people to the Clayton Williams Jr. Alumni Center Friday night including three students who might make you look, not twice, but three times.

Triplets Kaitlyn, Alyssa and Lauren Gainer of Baytown were presented their Aggie rings by their first grade teacher, Sharon Jeffrey.

"It was a challenge because they all looked just alike. The only way I knew them apart was they wore necklaces with their initials on them," said Sharon Jeffrey.

"It's something we've looked forward to for several years," said Lauren Gainer.

"For her to be able to give us our rings. I think she might be more excited than we are. She was giving us a 24 hour count down everything," said Alyssa Gainer.

"Five hour countdown," said Lauren Gainer.

"But it's really special because we only have two parents, so it was really special for them to be able to give it to us," said Alyssa Gainer.

"Just through God's grace that we are all here tonight to be able to have this and they have great parents that have always supported them," added Sharon Jeffrey.

The girls took photos with Texas A&M President R. Bowen Loftin on this milestone in their college career.

"Just so blessed to be here and being here at a university having an opportunity to study here," said Kaitlyn Gainer.

Aggies times three, bearing some serious bling.

The girls will all be studying abroad at different places around the globe next semester.

Their first grade teacher says presenting Aggie Rings to her former students is the highlight of her career.