Aggie Yell Leader Recounts His Rescue Efforts At Pentagon On 9/11

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas A current Aggie Yell Leader played a part in the rescue and recovery effort at The Pentagon in the 18 days following the attacks.

News 3 met with Roy May Wednesday to get his unique perspective.

Texas A&M Student Roy May says it's something he lives with not just once a year, but all the time as he rescued and recovered people who had survived and died in The Pentagon 12 years ago.

It was an unthinkable attack on our own American soil that September morning in 2001.

"12 years later it's nothing I'll ever forget," said Roy May of College Station.

May is 34-years-old and is now a Junior Yell Leader and student at Texas A&M.

But on 9/11 he was in Washington, D.C. serving in the U.S. Army's Old Guard, Third Infantry Regiment.

"We spent 18 straight days doing the nighttime 12 hour shifts going to The Pentagon and it was rescue and recovery and then obviously turned into just recovery. Not just, not just bodies, it was everything. We had to separate everything. We had to separate the plane parts, any sort of plane parts that we found. Obviously any documentation that we found in The Pentagon," said Roy May.

He says the emotions of the day are likely similar to what many of us felt.

"Anger, disgust, disappointment. Just how sad we were. It was a ridiculous tragedy. I mean no one in our lifetime had seen anything like it especially stateside on our own soil. And then once we got the mission it quickly turned into a duty. That was our initial impact in what we could do on that day," he said.

Now working on his Industrial Distribution degree at Texas A&M, he often thinks about his buddies still serving on deployments in the Middle East.

"It's important to remember what happened that day and the sacrifices. Not only the tragedy of that day and the lives lost that specific day, but also the sacrifices made since then in the last 12 years," May said.

Roy May served in the Army for 12 years prior to enrolling at Texas A&M and is still in the reserves.

He was elected as a yell leader just this year.