Aggieland Has Johnny Football Fever

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Most yards in the Copperfield Community in Bryan are full of Christmas reds and greens, but one house on Winchester Drive is all about maroon.

“I thought, well we gotta put something up with Johnny Football and the team,” said Connie Wolcott, a long time Aggie football enthusiast.

Wolcott has been going to Aggie football games for fifteen years, but she says this season feels different.

“They've got this winning spirit and they come out of that deal of smoke like they're going to tear the world up,” said Wolcott.

The Aggies have done just that in recent games, thanks to Johnny Football.

Support for redshirt freshman, turned football phenomenon, Johnny Manziel has taken Aggieland by storm. The Aggie quarterback's performance on the field has also caught people's attention across the country.

“He's played really strong, he's been a highlight for us...he's put up record setting stats against a lot of teams,” said Andrew Journey, a Texas A&M student.

“I think he has a really good chance of getting the Heisman because his stats are amazing, and also he's a redshirt freshman, which makes him look better, not a downfall like a lot of people think,” said Aggie Football fan Katie Bode.

The country still has to wait and see if Johnny Football will be the first ever freshman Heisman winner. The 2012 Heisman will be announced in New York City on December 8th.