Aggieland Outfitters, TAMU Traditions Council to Raise Funds for Bryan FD Victims With $1 Shirts

Aggieland Outfitters has teamed up with Texas A&M’s Traditions Council to raise funds for the families of Bryan Fire Department Lt. Gregory Pickard, and Lt. Eric Wallace by selling $1 t-shirts. All proceeds from the sale on campus and in Aggieland Outfitters locations will go to the families of the fallen firefighters.

“Traditions Council reached out to us last week and asked us to help them in their efforts to raise funds for the families and we thought it was something that our customers would really get excited about,” said Aggieland Outfitters Director of Marketing & Communication, Dallas Shipp.

Traditions Council is clearing out t-shirts of student organizations and selling them for $1 on campus this Wednesday and Thursday. Aggieland Outfitters will join suit and sell their t-shirts at all three area locations on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

“Traditions Council said they wanted to take the shirts they had in storage from various student groups and use them to raise money for a good cause,” Shipp said. “They asked us if we had any that we could use to support their efforts and we said, ‘Sure, we’d love to help.’”

Aggieland Outfitters’ customers can support the fund raiser at all three locations this Thursday, Friday & Saturday, March 7-9, by purchasing t-shirts, as well as making cash donations.