A&M Students 'BUILD' New Campus Tradition

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BRYAN- (UPDATE 9:00 p.m.)

A new Texas A&M student organization is making the first of what it hopes will be many contributions to the local community in the coming years. Through their service, they also plan to honor the Aggies who died in the bonfire collapse 14 years ago. But first the group plans to unite each corner of campus and beyond.

"So right now we are going to take the walls and square them up and make sure that they are ready for the roof to be set on top," said Scott Lovett, the Chief Opperating Officer of BUILD.

These students are not only building a house, but hope to build a new Aggie tradition. BUILD is a new organization at Texas A&M, one that aims at uniting even more of the campus than what the hundreds of other service organizations already do, and with a spirit like the tradition of Aggie Bonfire.

"I feel like we are making a difference," said Lovett.

Lovett said they are dedicating every project in memory of each victim of the Bonfire collapse of 1999. "It's the least that we can do to try and memorialize them through this new tradition that we are trying to start on campus," Lovett said.

These students hope to turn the BUILD project into a Texas A&M tradition by showing the community how much they care and plan to give back to them year round.

One day each year, thousands of Aggies go into the community as part of the Big Event. It's a big impact made on the community, but BUILD aims to make its impact throughout the year.

"We're all constantly thinking about what it means and what our time is being dedicated too," Lovett said.

They've partnered up with Habitat for Humanity in their first project and are building this house for a Bryan family.

Andrew Abbott co-founded the group and says they've already gotten a lot of support from A&M System Regents as well as the student body.

"It's incredible," Abbott said. "It's blown me and the rest of the team away."

Allowing their first project to already be paid off, but the hard work to continue.

BUILD hopes to have the first house completed by the last home football game this season. They will plan their next project in the beginning of the spring semester.

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Texas A&M students are not only building a house, but hope to build a new Aggie tradition. A new Texas A&M organization named BUILD has teamed up with Habitat for Humanity to build a house for one Bryan family.

Scott Lovett is working on the house and says the new group allows students to unite as a student body for the year-round event.

"Texas A&M University is built around selfless service and leadership by example and being an example for people to follow," Lovett said. "We have a very good set of values that we try to adhere to and BUILD just plays on those values and uses people who want to give back and serve the community of Texas A&M."

Through each project, BUILD memorializes the Bonfire victims from the 1999 collapse. The founders hope to one day build a house in honor of each fallen Aggie.