Aggies Give Back at Big Event

Aggies helped at Greens Prairie Elementary as just one part of the many projects for Big Event. 29 March 2014
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COLLEGE STATION - Thousands of Aggies spread out across Bryan and College Station today for the Big Event. Whether they were painting patios or clearing creeks, students put in tens of thousands of hours.

On Facebook this morning, we asked viewers to send us your pictures of today's events and we were overwhelmed with a great response. We spoke with some Big Event volunteers today and they said they're honored to serve such a great cause.

"I mean it's incredible. It's a feeling of really a tight-knit community. Showing up in the morning with 20,000 students there. There's nothing like it in the world. There's really nothing like it," said Student Volunteer Brett Forrester.

Fellow student Joseph Benigno said for him, College Station is a great place to call home.

"I think that's what Big Event is all coming and giving back to a community that gives us so much and supports us and just makes College Station a great place and a good place to live, so it's the least we can do to give back," Benigno said.

Ben Adams agrees about giving back.

"Giving back and service is what being an Aggie is all about."

Fellow student Scott Shaver likes to see his fellow Aggies come together.

"I feel like College Station has given us a lot. I feel like it's given us great restaurants, great places to be. Being out here and serving this community is the least we can do. We love this place, we love this university and being out here and serving is a joyful part of being a part of this university. I think there's so much this university can do when we come together and I love to see a day like this where we can all come together and do something great."