Aggies Helping Displaced Aggies With Donations For Moving

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Some A&M apartments for married, international, and graduate students will soon be torn down to make room for the university's new Campus Pointe hotel development along University Drive and College Avenue.

And a donation drive for those students being displaced is being held by other Aggies.

Some of these students need apartment furnishings.

Lifting, loading and moving was a workout for Aggie volunteers on the Texas A&M campus.

More than 300 Texas A&M students including international, graduate and married couples are having to find a new place to stay as College View, Avenue A and Hensel Apartments on University Drive face the wrecking ball this summer for Campus Pointe.

Judd Moody is a Texas A&M IT Manager and was dropping off a couch.

"We're trying to help some the students out that might be displaced by the closing of some of the facilities around campus, and have the opportunity to use donated items or items they can take with them to their new apartment," he said.

Haley Kemp is the President of Off Campus Aggies.

"Right, it's not financially possible for them to furnish a brand new apartment and pay higher rent so we're just helping them," said Kemp.

From fans to furniture and everything in between, all these items will be distributed first-come, first-serve on June 1st. What students don't take will be donated to charities.

"It's been really great to have the support from our organizations and from other Aggies who just want to help out," added Haley Kemp.

Students have to be out of the apartments by the end of the month and these items will hopefully make moving a bit easier.

Thursday is the final day to drop off donations.

You can do so from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. at the Fred Dollar Commissary located at 474 Agronomy Road, lot 84.