Aggies React to A&M Fragrance and Dolls

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TEXAS A&M Aggies have gotten used to the sound of success after their first year with the SEC.

"I mean there's really no way to describe the season besides amazing," said Joseph Puente, senior at Texas A&M.

Now, Aggies can take a small piece of game day home.

Barbie has created a Yell Leader Ken Doll. There's also an African American Aggie Ken, but he's already sold out.

Barbie is one of 650 vendors working with the University, according to Shane Hinkley, A&M Interim Vice President for Marketing and Communications.

"When you have a hot brand like Texas A&M does right now, people want to partner with that," said Hinkley.

The next Aggie item hitting the shelves is a line of perfume and cologne that's rumored to smell like Aggie spirit. The question is what does Aggie spirit smell like?

"Prideful, joyful, happy," said Puente.

"I feel like it would be kind of sportsy I guess...," said Grace Gibney, Texas A&M student.

"I don't know, I have no idea how to answer that question," laughed Ben Tipton, Texas A&M graduate student.

The company behind the fragrance, Masik Collegiate Fragrances, says they used a pinch of maroon and white, and a dash of Aggie tradition to build the custom scent.

"We threw in some plum, cinnamon, violet for the red aromatics, and for the white, we put in some white cedar, white vanilla...," said Katie Masik, Founder and CEO of the fragrance line.

Expanding the A&M brand only costs the university some time and research, because third parties develop the products.

"Ya, I can see myself smelling like Aggie spirit," said Tipton.

"I think it's interesting to have out there, but I'm not sure how well it will do," said Gibney.

Either way the Aggie Spirit will be in the air this fall.