Aggies Show Auburn Fans Real Southern Hospitality

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The number 7th Texas A&M takes on number 24 Auburn at Kyle Field Saturday afternoon. Fans from both sides are excited since it's the first time the Aggies host the Tigers at Kyle Field since they joined the SEC.

News 3 spoke with fans tailgating at Olsen Field Friday night and learned both universities made a lasting impression on one another last year at Auburn.

Doug Abshire lives in Bryan and said he converted to Texas A&M long ago, since his wife and daughters are all proud Aggies.

Abshire along with his family and Aggie friends took the trip to Auburn last year and said the hospitality they received from their rivals was like none other.

"They invited us over and we had BBQ ribs and it was great," said Abshire.

Abshire and his friends decided to show the Tigers a good time, Texas style with some delicious seafood.

"They don't get a lot of seafood where they're at," said Abshire. Originally from Louisiana, Abshire said it's his Cajun specialty. At least 30 people gathered over good food and the love of football Friday night.

Donny Goodwin, Auburn Graduate of 1978 camped out across town at Wellborn and Holleman with several other Auburn fans. He and his crew reaffirmed that even outside of Abshire's circle, the southern hospitality for our out of town guests continued to shine.

"We've been just about everywhere in the Southeast and this is the best we've been treated anywhere we've been."

Despite the friendliness, the Tigers still brought their team spirit, all the way from Alabama.

"We've got stop Johnny football," said Goodwin.

Abshire said it's all about the defense. "Nobody can stop them from scoring; we just need to make some stops and be able to score more points than Auburn," said Abshire.

"Sometimes you can stop anybody and we hope we're going to be the guys to do that tomorrow," said Goodwin.

Fans across the board agree that it's all in friendly competition; however, only one team walks away as the winner.

If you aren't attending the game in person, you can get a front seat view on KBTX Saturday at 2:30p.m.