Aggies Taking Legal Action Talk About Lawsuit

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'Angry' and 'disgusted' are words some former Texas A&M University students are using to describe how they feel about the position they say they are being put in by the 12th Man Foundation.

These football ticket holders hired attorneys and are suing The 12th Man Foundation because they could lose the seats they've had for years.

At a news conference with the plaintiffs and their attorneys, we spoke with a member of the Foundation who is also suing the organization.

"I have pretty much kept quiet, but I can't keep quiet anymore,” said Noel Blocker, a Texas A&M former student.

He gave a permanently endowed scholarship in 1979 in exchange for many perks including keeping the same 2nd deck football seats at Kyle Field every season. This week he joined a lawsuit with Tom and Delma Tullos who are suing the 12th Man Foundation.

"I feel justified because they are taking something away from me that means everything to me,” said Blocker.

As part of the $450 million redevelopment of Kyle Field, the Foundation recently announced a new reseating process.

"The second deck will be a premium area. It will be a club and suite area, and when you need to raise $450 million dollars for a stadium, you have got to be able to sell those premium areas,” said Skip Wagner, the 12th Man Foundation president.

The second deck is also where the plantiff's seats currently sit. If they want the same spot, they have to pay an additional amount.

The other option offered by the Foundation for no additional cost to the members is to sit in other endowed seating areas which are the first and third decks. The Tullos' attorney says if they want the same seat on the second deck, they have to pay at least $30,000.

"Just your overall view from the second deck, you cannot compare it to the third deck or the first deck,” said Tullos.

"There's no reason that they couldn't have come to us and reached some kind of understanding about what was going to happen,” said Blocker.

The plantiffs want to keep the second deck seats with no additional cost. The have a temporary injunction hearing in August to stop the Foundation from selling the seats they say were promised to them.

An injunction hearing is set in Houston for August 2nd.