Aggies Win, College Station Furniture Customers Celebrate

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COLLEGE STATION - Texas A&M beat South Carolina 52 to 28 yesterday, which was certainly good for the team, but it also meant a lot to Ashley Furniture customers. The store had a promotion that if the Aggies won by 10 or more points, customers would get their furniture free.


"After the Manziel era we really don't know what's going to happen, but I think we got a taste of it last night," said Owner of the College Station Ashley Furniture, Mark Wilks.

"We want to give the furniture away," Wilks said.

The promotion ran August 16 through the 27th.

"It was a very good promotion for us but it's going to be a lot of checks that we're writing out."

They're writing about 650 checks totaling about $1 million.

"We did have insurance to cover most of it."

Which makes this a good boost for the future.

"Just the experience of just having everyone be so excited, everyone just having a good time with it," said Thad Hinman, also with Ashley.

Hundreds of customers can forget the price tag on their furniture, but there are some who just missed the cut.

Olga Ramirez and her husband Tommy live in the Valley, but they still come back to Aggieland. Olga wanted to buy furniture over the phone to make the deadline.

"My husband says 'No, no way. They wouldn't do that for you,'" Ramirez said.

But...they would have. She realized her predicament early in the game.

"We're ten points ahead, right away and I'm like 'Oh my Ashley Furniture.'"

She says her husband was in the dog house last night.

But at the end of the day...Aggies will be Aggies.

"I think I'll let him out a little bit. Maybe," Ramirez said.

In this promotion, everyone wins.