Aggies Jab Bears With Waco Billboard

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About 100 Aggie fans are behind a billboard that was placed near the exit to the university's football stadium all in good fun.

The billboard comes after Baylor threatened legal action if A&M bolted the Big 12 for the Southeastern Conference.

It's a rather large maroon one that reads ' Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's conference deal.'

The man behind the sign is an Aggie. The idea came to him when Baylor threatened legal action if A&M left the Big 12 conference for the SEC.

"I was sitting there frustrated that evening wondering what we could do, and I had some friends that were from Michigan and they put up a billboard making fun of Ohio State's debacle with their old coach. I was like hey we could do something like that," said Luke Jalbert.

From his home in Amarillo, he reached out to other fellow Aggies on In a matter of days, he was able to gather about 100 Texas A&M fans who all donated money to pay for this $2,750 billboard.

It's strategically placed on I-35 North in Waco, near the exit ramp to Floyd Casey Stadium.

Some Bears aren't too happy.

"I think that's low using that because we're a religious school. I think it's kind of immature on their part," said a Baylor University student.

"I don't like them saying, trying to be sacrilegious there you know," said another Baylor student.

Down Highway 6 in Aggieland, the reaction is rather different.

"That's hilarious. I haven't seen this," said on Texas A&M student.

"It's kind of silly I guess. It's funny because it's like a good joke, but it's kind of distasteful to put it all the way up in Waco," said another Aggie.

With only four seconds to grab your attention, the billboard has made the message clear. If it hasn't come across yet, the Bears get a whole month to look at it.