CSPD: Aggravated Robbery Suspects on the Run

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College Station Police are looking for two suspects who they believe were involved in an aggravated robbery. It happened near the 4100 block of Pomel Circle around 8 p.m. Thursday.

One 17-year-old male victim says a vehicle stopped in front of him when two men proceeded to get out of their car with firearms. The driver allegedly pointed a semi-automatic handgun at the victims while the passenger supposedly pointed a revolver at them as well. The suspects then approached the two victims demanding their property before they fled the scene in their vehicle. No injuries were reported from the assault.

Rocky Bedhan has lived on Pomel circle for the past three years, and until last year he said he felt pretty safe in this neighborhood. That's until his home was broken into and his personal belongings were stolen.

" I come here you know to this neighborhood, because everybody is nice around here, but still if that can happen around this neighborhood then I don't know where to go."

He says neighbors need to ask questions.

"If you see new cars you have to watch, ask them what's happening, what's going on here. But people don't want to pay attention and they don't want to mess with that stuff."

Police say around 8pm Thursday night they responded to a call off the 4100 block of Pomel Circle.

"The vehicle drove down into the cul-de-sac turned off its head lights and then turned them back on and approached the two males and then two black male subjects exited the vehicle armed with handguns demanding property from the two males seated in the driveway," said Billy Couch with the College Station Police Department.

"I think that's very surprising, cause this is usually a good neighbor," said Karissa Gentry

Karissa Gentry works for some homeowners in the area.

"I'm never surprised at what people will do to get whatever it is that they want."

Other neighbors say be aware.

"Don't make yourself a target.Walk with your head up, look at people. Look at them in the face because they don't want you to look at them...be aware," said Brenda Marsh, College Station resident.

Most neighbors here agree being aware can make a difference and help someone in a time of need or keep a crime from happening in the first place.

The driver was described as a 6-foot black male in his mid to late 20's with a skinny build, facial hair and was wearing dark baggy clothes with a hat.

The passenger was depicted as a younger black male also around 6 feet tall, possibly in his late teens or early 20's with a heavy set build. He was last seen with dark, baggy clothes and was wearing a hat.

The vehicle is described as a dark colored Dodge Magnum with tinted windows.

This case is still under investigation. Please contact the College Station Police Department if you have any information about this case at (979) 764-3600.