Aledo ISD Finds No Evidence Of Bullying Against Former Consol Coach

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BRYAN, Texas A high school football coach near Fort Worth was accused of bullying by letting his team win 91 to nothing Friday night.

Tim Buchanan once served as an assistant football coach at A&M Consolidated High School in College Station prior to taking the head coach position at Aledo High School.

News 3 has reaction from a local coach who knows Buchanan.

A Friday night football game in North Texas is making headlines across the country with accusations of bullying.

4-A powerhouse Aledo High School beat Fort Worth Western Hills 91 to 0.

A parent of a boy on the losing team filed a complaint that the winning coaches were bullies for allowing their team to score so high.

Aledo Head Football Coach Tim Buchanan served as an assistant football coach at A&M Consolidated High School more than 20 years ago under Ross Rogers, now head coach at Bryan High.

"He's trying to do everything he can. On situations likes that sometimes it's just not fair when they are paired up. You know, ran the clock, played their starters only 21 plays. But you know when you get second, third teamers in there they want their chance to show mother and daddy and their girlfriends what they can do so, it's just a tough situation," said Ross Rogers.

Coach Buchanan says they subbed in backup players and also let the clock run trying to keep the score down.

"I would never ask our kids not to play hard. I would never tell them, 'Go out and let them score.' That's not what you want to teach kids," said Buchanan.

A&M Consolidated Head Football Coach David Raffield says sometimes games are a mismatch but you still have to play.

"You can't ask a kid not to play hard. If you do that you endanger the kid. They have to play as hard as they can. One it's the way the game's played and two it's protective," Raffield said.

"Maybe in the big picture of the thing we need to have a mercy rule in the second half, kind of like six man does," suggested Ross Rogers.

Many fans have said the bullying complaint has been blown out of proportion with Western Hills' coach saying he disagreed bullying occurred against his players.

The Aledo Independent School District said Wednesday it found no grounds to support the bullying complaint.