Alleged Drunk Driver Nearly Hits Officer, Patrol Car

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COLLEGE STATION - 22-year-old Nathan Toler is under arrest after nearly hitting a patrol car Thursday morning. Officers say he was drunk behind the wheel.

Thursday morning, around 230, officers were working an accidents scene at Wellborn and Park Place. The officer had his car blocking two lanes on Wellborn and was directing traffic.

The officer noticed a white Nissan truck not slowing down as it neared him and the accident scene. Despite the flashing lights on the patrol car being on, the officer used his flashlight to try and signal the truck. But Toler didn't slow down and had to slam on his brakes. Toler's truck skidded causing the officer to jump out of the way as it stopped a few feet from his patrol car.

Toler told officers he was heading home from Logie's Bar on Northgate after having two draft beers. Officers said he couldn't balance and staggered from side to side.

Toler was arrested and charged with Driving While Intoxicated. He was released from jail Thursday evening after posting bond.