*Update* Another Accident on Highway 6 Closes Lanes

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Two separate accidents on Highway 6 between Bryan and Hearne backed up traffic for several hours Wednesday afternoon. The first wreck happened just before lunch, and less than an hour later an 18-wheeler slammed into the back of another big rig which caused it to crash into at least five brand new cars sitting in the parking lot of Derek Scott’s Auto Park in Hearne. Witnesses on scene earlier today say -- it was like a scene from an action movie.

It's been a stop and go traffic kind of day all along Highway 6 in Robertson County.

Just before lunch time...

“It appears a vehicle had dropped grease on the roadway and made the road slick causing a driver to lose control, imagine it almost as slick as ice, well the truck lost control and ended up in the ditch,” said DPS State Trooper William Langehennig.

A vehicle lost control on Highway 6 near U.S. 190 and ended up in a ditch. Three people inside the car were taken to a local hospital with minor injuries.

Meanwhile just about eight miles north of that wreck and only an hour later -- an 18-wheeler heading South on Highway 6 slammed into the back of another 18-wheeler who was attempting to make a right turn onto Old Hearne Road.

“The car he hit dead on just hit back and forth and then smoke was just everywhere and I was like oh my goodness, something is going to blow up, someone is going to get killed,” said witness Sally Grace.

Sally Grace works at Derek Scott's Auto Park and was taking a break outside when she heard the impact.

“He just went like this and it was like he was spinning on a lazy-Susan,” said Grace. “I mean it happened so fast (snaps) and he hit cars.”

The impact of the crash was so intense; it caused the big rig that was hit to slam into at least 5 brand new cars sitting in the parking lot of Derek Scott's Auto Park in Hearne.

“We got some cars banged up but those can all be replaced -- you can't replace a human life,” said Grace.

Traffic was once again backed up and drivers were detoured as clean-up crews got back to work again.

The driver who authorities believe caused the accident was pinned inside the cabin. Emergency crews had to pull him out. Both drivers were taken to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries.


Emergency crews spent Wednesday afternoon cleaning up an accident on Highway 6 in Robertson County.

TxDOT crews had both lanes of Highway 6 closed for much of the afternoon, though all lanes have reopened. At least two 18-wheelers were involved.

No word yet on any injuries or what caused this accident.

An accident south of this one, also in Robertson County, closed lanes Wednesday morning.