Another Chef Cao's Closed By Health Department

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Another week and another Chef Cao's restaurant temporarily shut down by the Brazos County Health Department.

Last week, inspectors with the Health Department temporarily shut down the College Station Chef Cao's due to a severe roach problem, this week they closed the Bryan location after it failed it's inspection.

The Chef Cao's on Texas Avenue in Bryan was temporarily shut down last week after racking up 8 infractions and scoring a 68.

Inspectors found raw chicken that wasn't being kept cold enough while cooked chicken wasn't being kept hot enough.

Employees weren't washing their hands correctly and food was found stored in grocery bags.

The buffet table wasn't maintaining food temperatures and debris was found in the microwave, on storage containers, clean plates, and rice scoops.

The Chef Cao's in Bryan was closed down for 24 hours and fined $500.