Arab American Students React to Syrian Crisis

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COLLEGE STATION Texas A&M students with families in the Middle East have been closely following what's been happening in Syria.

Faisal Diab is a first generation Arab American, and a second generation Aggie. He says his father moved to College Station from Syria to study engineering in 1968.

"Every summer since I was less than a year old, we would go to Lebanon and Syria," said Diab.

However, he says those trips stopped three years ago when violence escalated in Syria. The rest of his family left the country and moved to Lebanon shortly after.

Now Diab has to watch what's happening in Syria on the news, and he says he's sick of seeing innocent civilians killed.

"Whether you use chemical weapons or conventional weapons, to them it doesn't matter. You're just killing off your enemy," said Diab.

The Assad Regime's alleged use of chemical weapons is why Diab says his family hopes the US does move forward with a punitive strike.

"I'm only opposed to doing nothing or doing something to the extreme. I believe it should be tailored to a specific set of American objectives. Nothing like what we saw in Iraq," said Diab.

However, other Syrian students with the Arab Student Association on campus disagree. They say the civil war is a Syrian problem that the Syrians should work out on their own, so any US involvement would cause even more chaos in the country.