Area District Attorneys Reviewing Security Procedures After Shootings in Kaufman County

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The weekend murder of Kaufman County's District Attorney is causing concerns all over Texas and in the Brazos Valley too.

The bodies of Mike and Cynthia McLelland were discovered by friends at their Forney home Saturday night east of Dallas.

They had been shot multiple times, and shell casings were scattered near the victims.

Assistant Kaufman County District Attorney and former Texas A&M student Mark Hasse was murdered just a block from the county courthouse in late January.

The murders in Kaufman County prompted law enforcement and prosecutors in the Brazos Valley to make changes in security plans.

Meetings have been held recently to discuss safety at area courthouses.

News 3 took a look at what's come out of those meetings and why some district attorneys and their staff are working on arming themselves.

It's not uncommon for district attorneys and prosecutors to have guns and concealed carry licenses to protect themselves.

Now that three people have been shot and killed in Kaufman County, courthouses from Brazos to Walker County and beyond are all reviewing their safety procedures inside and outside the courthouse.

Going through a metal detector is nothing new at the Brazos County Courthouse in Bryan.

But security is now under review across all of Texas after Kaufman County's District Attorney and his wife were murdered at their home over the weekend and an Assistant DA was shot outside the Kaufman County Courthouse two months ago.

"Our job is to protect the community and it's not going to make us popular with many defendants," said Brazos County District Attorney Jarvis Parsons wouldn't say what security changes are being discussed with the sheriff's office, but safety is first.

"That's not just an assault against that person, that's an assault against the fabric of the justice system itself. So what I do is I sat down and talked with my staff and just talked to them about any concerns they may have," said Parsons.

In Franklin prosecutors are looking at way to make the courthouse more secure while the DA is encouraging staff get their concealed carry licenses.

"Well yesterday we met with the judges and law enforcement and basically just encouraged our employees and ourselves to maintain heightened awareness and security and just beware of your surroundings," said Coty Siegert, Robertson County District Attorney.

Here in rural Grimes County adding more security at the courthouse and making it less accessible would be difficult to do.

"Not impossible but there are certainly some things we need to do to change that," said Grimes County District Attorney Tuck McLain.

He keeps his weapon close by. More outdoor lights were recently added.

"Killing like the elected district attorney it basically escalates the war on crime to another level," said McLain.

Grimes County currently only uses their metal detectors for certain cases at the courthouse. They are also taking a second look at that.

They are also looking at added security measures at the D.A.'s office across the street in Anderson.

The Walker County District Attorney also tells us they have changed up security measures at the courthouse in Huntsville.

They are also closely monitoring activity inside the building.