Area Firefighters Get Refresher Course in Battling Wildfires

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COLLEGE STATION - The College Station Fire Department and Texas A&M Forest Service hosted a five day Wildland/Urban Interface training at College Station 5. Firefighters got a refresher course on how to battle wildfires.

Tim Hamff with the College Station's Fire Department says, "This let's them practice their leadership, let's them practice some handline techniques that they don't normally use. Also lets them do some hose work with the trucks and do some tandem work with the trucks that we don't often use, but are required a lot of times in some of the terrain we go to."

Hamff says local fire crews are used to battling large fires but on a smaller scale than what we have seen out west. However, in a state like Texas that's prone to drought conditions, it happens here. The Dyer Mill 2 fire in Grimes County back in 2011 burned thousands of acres of land and destroyed dozens of homes.