Area Firefighters Help Man Stations During Lt. Pickard’s Funeral

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A number of first responders from San Marcos and New Braunfels have been helping out big time with Pickard's funeral but not by attending.

They came to allow the Bryan Fire Department to go to the services by manning the fire stations.

Bryan Fire Station Number 5 had the same fire trucks and gear but different personnel.

"It helps trying to help those guys try to cope with everything they are going through. We don't have the words to express to make them feel better, so we do things like this,” said Tyler Hindman, a firefighter with New Braunfels Fire Department.

Hindman, along with 12 other firefighters from the New Braunfels Fire Department manned 3 Bryan fire stations so the Bryan Fire Department could attend Lt.Greg Pickard's funeral services.

Lt. John Weige with the New Braunfels Fire Department said, "I am truly honored that I could help to begin with, and even more that I get to ride in his seat and be where he was. It's a true honor. Words can't describe."

"Best thing you can do is learn from them and honor them every day on duty,” said Hindman.

It's what these men say they'll do to honor their fallen brother.