Area First Responders Form Brazos Valley Incident Management Team

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BRYAN Area first responders have taken a big step in protecting our safety. They formed the Brazos Valley Incident Management Team.

Organizers say the Brazos Valley Incident Management Team is still in it's early stages, but their goal is to provide back up for agencies dealing with overwhelming disasters. Some examples include the wildfires in 2011, the El Dorado chemical plant fire in 2009, and the Aggie Bonfire Collapse in 1999.

"I know we've had several here locally where you get there and everything is happening at once. You look around and you just need help," said Bryan Fire Chief Randy McGregor.

The help he's talking about would involve administrative or logistical support, that way agencies dealing with the disaster can use their resources in the field.

McGregor says the state has similar teams in place, but they aren't always available, and when they are, it can take several hours for them to get to the scene.

"Like in the wildfire season of 2011, all those teams were deployed. If we would have needed one or wanted one, there were none available," said McGregor.

The Brazos Valley Incident Management Team would make our region self-sufficient, and agencies would have the support they need within two hours.

McGregor says the team should be ready to deploy soon, then agencies in our area will know help is always a phone call away if they need it.