Area Home School Children Performing Music In Bryan Friday Night

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BRYAN, Texas Songs of praise are coming to Bryan Friday night.

More than 150 home school students were practicing Friday afternoon for the P.G.M. Choir or Part of the Great Multitude.

The Resonant Singers Handbell Choir is also performing Friday at Brazos Christian School for the music concert.

"We provide this so that the home school kids have an opportunity for group instruction. This is our 15th year anniversary so we actually have people coming in all the way from Dallas who have previously been in the P.G.M. Choirs and we're gonna perform a dual number," said Patricia Lassiter, Director of the P.G.M. Choir.

That concert starts at 6:15 P.M. Friday at the Brazos Christian School Gym on West Villa Maria Road.

Admission is free.