Argument Leads to Assault with a Baseball Bat

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BRYAN Police say a Bryan man hit another with a baseball bat after an argument between the two Tuesday evening.

56-year-old Michael Wayne Graham allegedly hit Mark Murphy with a baseball bat after the two got into an argument over Murphy's mother. According to police, Murphy was released from jail Tuesday and was staying at Graham's house. The two argued after Graham told Murphy he called his mother.

Graham told police that Murphy raised a hand at him, but didn't hit him. That's when Graham got the bat. He told police he hit Murphy one time. The police report says that Murphy ran outside to a neighbor's yard.

Murphy was taken to St. Joseph's hospital with bruises on his arms and a knot under his left eye.

Police talked to the neighbor who said that Graham chased Murphy out of the house, cussing at him and holding the bat. The neighbor said that Murphy asked Graham not to hit him.

Graham was arrested for Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, a probation violation and DWI 3rd or more.