Hempstead Men Charged with '09 Navasota Liquor Store Murder

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Navasota Police, assisted by the Grimes County District Attorney’s office, arrested 26 year old Christopher Boulds and 20 year old Joshua Ragston, both of Hempstead, for the July 17, 2009 capital murder of Don Stolz.

Stolz was found murdered at his Navasota liquor store after Navasota Police Officer’s responded to a silent alarm.

Stolz was apparently killed in the course of a robbery of that store.

The Navasota Police Department has been leading an ongoing investigation with the close assistance of the Grimes County District Attorney’s Office since 2009.

The Texas Rangers also assisted in much of the investigation.

Boulds and Ragston were taken into custody this afternoon by Investigator Mike Mize of the Navasota Police Department and Investigator Travis Higginbotham of the District Attorney’s Office.

More information will be provided at a later date.

Chris Boulds
Josh Ragston