Austin Police Officer Shoots Dog Inside Pet Store

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An off-duty Austin police officer shot and killed a dog inside a Cedar Park pet store Wednesday. Officer Leslie Lyons was working at the PetCo store on Hwy 183 near Lakeline Mall. At approximately 5 p.m., witnesses say a pit bull broke from its leash and attacked a Maltese.

The pit bull had the smaller dog in his mouth when Lyons fired. No one was hurt. The Maltese survived and is being treated at a veterinary hospital. Austin police say they will look into the incident but do not believe Lyons violated police policy. In April 2012, an Austin police officer shot and killed Cisco, a Blue Heeler, after the dog ran toward the officer.

The case received international publicity and Chief Art Acevedo apologized to Cisco's owner. After this case, Austin officers received training on how to handle situations with a potentially aggressive dog. Officers are now receiving more in depth training. The training had been planned before this incident happened. PetCo has not released a statement.

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