Austin Woman Texts Cops About Selling Drugs, Gets Arrested

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BRYAN A text message to wrong number lead police to a drug arrest.

Police say 43-year-old Jana Janean Closs kept texting a person that didn't know her. That person told police they just got a new phone number and someone was texting them about drugs. That person took the phone to police. Closs sent several text messages asking if the person knew anyone looking for drugs and money. The messages said that Closs had some "clear," which police say is a street term for meth.

Investigators started having a conversation with Closs, setting up a deal off Sandy Point Road in Bryan. Here is that text message conversation:

Police: How much you got
Police: Looking for a ball
Closs: Ok 250 is my cousins Price... but she said can go down to 225 for ya...cuz I asked to do that for me. Its well worth some long legs.
P: Cool in Bryan where are you
C: Im pulling in coming from Austin...between Caldwell and Bryan
P: Where you want to meet
C: Do u have a ride??? Can you meet us off sandy point road
P: Yeah
P: Where on sandy point
C: Meet us at fast start and u can follow us to our spot...
P: You don't have it with you
C: Give us about 10 to 10 minutes til we arrive
C: Yup but she had it Inside of something and she will have to remove screws and the weigh it...
C: She said are you OK with that?
P: Yeah ride will be here 20 let you know when on the way
C: Almost to ast start...u gonna be there
P: Yeah on he way what u in
C: Gray Hyundai elantra
C: We r parked in the back
P: Be there in 10 or less
C: Ok sound great
P: On 21 now be there in a few
C: Ok

Based off that conversation, police say they knew who they were looking for and what vehicle to see. Police made contact with Closs and two other women at the Fast Start Service Station. When officers asked Closs to get out of the car, she struggled with them. Officers put her in handcuffs. They checked the phone she had and found the text message conversation. Closs also had a backpack with her that was filled with more than 16 grams of meth, 63 pills of Tramadol and 1 gram of Xanax.

Closs was arrested and is being charged with two counts of Manufacturing and Delivery of a Controlled Substance, Group 1 and 3/4 and Delivery or Offer of Delivery of a Dangerous Drug. She is being held under a $20,000 bond.