Student Arrested in Navasota High School Bomb Threat

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UPDATE, 4:12 P.M.:

A 17-year-old Navasota High School student has been arrested for allegedly making a bomb threat at the school.

Investigators say Christopher Brice is charged with making a false report which is a state jail felony.

According to school officials, a teacher found a hand written note Wednesday inside a classroom.

The district's superintendent says it alluded to an explosive device in the parking lot of the school.

A bomb sniffing dog team from Houston searched the area, and nothing was found.

It was later determined the threat was meant for Tuesday and investigators say Brice admitted it was a hoax with no real motive.


Dear Parents,

Earlier today, you received information from me advising you that the school district administration had been made aware of a possible bomb threat at the high school campus. This letter is to update you regarding that issue.

Wednesday morning (April 17), Navasota High School administration learned that an anonymous note had been found at the high school which contained a threat to that campus. Navasota ISD immediately contacted law enforcement. It was determined early on, with the advice of law enforcement, that evacuation of the building would not be the chosen course of action as the threat was directed outside the building. During the investigation it was determined that the threat was intended for Tuesday afternoon (April 16), causing law enforcement to determine that the threat to student safety was low. Both the ATF and local law enforcement conducted a search of the campus, including the use of bomb detecting dogs. I am happy to report that no device was found and the law enforcement agencies believe the note was a hoax. Also, Navasota police investigators made an arrest in connection with the incident Tuesday.

As Superintendent, I want to reassure our parents and community that the safety of our students and staff remains an ongoing priority in Navasota ISD. We will continue to take precautionary measures including: a review of our emergency operation and safety plans, additional law enforcement presence at our schools, and continued staff training. We also ask that our staff, students, and parents be aware of their surroundings and report any suspicious persons, items, or situations to the proper authorities or to school officials.

I appreciate the support that the district received during this incident. Navasota ISD will continue to cooperate and work closely with law enforcement during any ongoing investigation. If you have further questions or concerns regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to call my office at 936-825-4200.

Rory S. Gesch,
Superintendent of Schools
Navasota Independent School District

UPDATE: Navasota law enforcement tell News 3 that they have a 17-year-old suspect in custody who confessed to writing a bomb threat that mentioned Navasota High School.

Officials wouldn't say whether the suspect is a male or female, or if they are a student in Navasota.

The suspect confessed the bomb threat was a hoax. Police are not releasing the motive behind the threat.

UPDATE:According to officials, Navasota High School has been cleared and law enforcement has given the "all-clear" after a bomb threat was reported.
Previous story:

Navasota ISD has been notified of an alleged bomb threat to the High School campus. Navasota ISD Superintendent Rory Gesch said the district will continue updating parents on their Facebook page.

Local and federal law enforcement are currently investigating the bomb threat. According to Navasota ISD's Facebook page, the threat was for outside the building and students are being kept inside.

Parents may pick up their student from the campus if they desire.