Axis Pipe And Tube Breaks Ground On New Steel Mill

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BRYAN, Texas Nearly 300 new jobs are coming to Bryan soon as the biggest private manufacturer for Brazos County broke ground for a new steel mill Thursday.

News 3 was at Texas Triangle Park Thursday morning and discovered how Axis Pipe And Tube is expected to add even more jobs in the future.

A record big business is coming to Bryan as Axis Pipe And Tube starts construction on a state-of-the-art steel mill plant at Texas Triangle Park off Highway 6 and F-M 2818.

In the short term it means at least 285 jobs with upwards of 500 indirect and direct position within the next ten years.

"Axis will be producing 300,000 tons per year of ER-W pipe and tube basically for the oil and gas industry," explained Francisco Garza, who is the Vice President and General Manager for Axis Pipe and Tube as well as Prolamsa Group.

They will be working to meet the growing demands of oil and gas production in Texas and the country.

The International Energy Agency Predicts the U.S. could become the world's biggest oil producer by 2020.

"We've been working on this for two years and it's a very good day because now this is a reality. We're going to get construction going in about a week," said Garza.

Wages here at the steel mill will average around $40,000 a year and the plant is expected to spur other businesses including trucking, machine shops and coating services too.

Todd McDaniel with the Research Valley Partnership says rail access and proximity to Texas largest cities helped seal the deal.

"This project, it came down to first and foremost relationships but beyond that is a business decision our geography our access to market cost," said McDaniel, President and CEO of the Research Valley Partnership.

Bryan was selected out of an original 25 separate cities.

Company officials say it was because of the business friendly environment and availability of skilled labor.

Bryan Mayor Jason Bienski says the significance is still sinking in.

"This is one of the largest businesses to locate in the State of Texas this year so you know this is not just big for Bryan this is big for the State of Texas," said Bienski.

Big business developing for the Brazos Valley

We're told Axis Pipe And Tube has started hiring their leadership team but the process for hiring skilled labor hasn't started just yet.

The City of Bryan has agreed not to annex Texas Triangle Park for 10 years while Brazos County is also offering a tax abatement to Axis Pipe And Tube.