B/CS Drivers Can Now Go 75 MPH On Highway 6

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If you are feeling the need for speed you can now drive faster right here in Bryan / College Station.

News 3 captured the new 75 mile-per-hour signs being installed along Highway 6 Wednesday and has reaction from local drivers.

It's out with the old and in with the new on Highway 6 in all of Brazos County and soon Grimes County too.

You can now drive 75 miles-an-hour legally through the heart of Aggieland.

" I am a little bit surprised," said James Bohn, a College Station driver.

Bohn just found about about the change from 70 to 75.

"I think if you're gonna speed, you're gonna speed and I think the speed limit kind of is there to set a boundary for people who are gonna listen to it," he said.

Kristi Meadows of Iola was excited too.

"I think if you can drive correctly you can drive at that speed and be safe about it," she said.

As we get used to going faster on Highway 6, law enforcement reminds us to drive the conditions. Just because you can go 75, doesn't mean you always should.

Sam Robinson of Iola says he had a close call with a distracted driver on Highway 6 Tuesday night. He has two teenage sons and worries if this speed is safe.

"Raising it five more miles you can look at it two ways; one, it's a safety issue but two, people are gonna drive that fast anyway so you know you just grin and bear it I guess," said Robinson.

"This was passed by the 82nd Legislature, and what it is, is TxDOT has to do speed studies on all our roadways to see if they can go 75," explained Bob Colwell, TxDOT Public Information Officer for the Bryan District.

"I think it's great. I go that fast anyways on that road so now not having to worry about getting pulled over is nice," said Jenna Ellis, a College Station driver.

A quicker drive across town and across the state as more and more roads speed up.

The 75 miles-per-hour signs are up on all of Highway 6 in Brazos County.

Soon crews will also raise the speed limit from 70 to 75 on Highway 47 between Highway 21 and F-M 60 as well as Highway 21 from the Brazos River to the west Bryan City Limits.

TxDOT expects to have the signs up on all of Highway 6 in Grimes County later this week and will also install left lane for passing only signs on the affected areas soon too.