BCS Helps Animal Victims in West

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Support for residents in West is pouring in from Bryan-College Station, not only for people but also for their pets.

News 3 was on the road this morning as a local plumbing company dropped off hundreds of donated pet products at a vet clinic not far from West.

It was lifting, unloading and lots of work on a chilly morning in the Waco suburb of Bellmead.

Bryan - College Station residents dropped off thousands of pounds worth of pet products for the animal victims of the West Fertilizer Plant Explosion.

Scott Liles was at the La Vega Veterinary Clinic picking up his cat Frio Gato.

"Tomorrow's my birthday and I don't have a home but I got a kitty. He's a little crazy," said Liles.

His feline friend was recovering from surgery for a broken toe after being missing five days.

Their house is three doors down from the fertilizer plant that blew up.

The house is still standing, but heavy damage in the wake of the explosion.

Some of the items being donated include more than 500 pounds of dog food as well as other pet food and even some toys. Many of the residents displaced in West are having to stay in hotels and motels in surrounding areas while some of the pets are having to be boarded at local animal shelters.

Brad Gause and Anne Estep of John Gause Plumbing personally transported all the items donated in the Bryan-College Station area.

"We saw a plea on Facebook from some of the vet clinics that are helping to house the animals and we also did this for the Bastrop fire so we thought it would be great to do it again," explained Anne Estep.

Doctor Tamra Walthall and her staff at the La Vega Veterinary Clinic are taking care of displaced West pets including cats and even birds.

"I think we'll be able to give out those donations in the weeks to come and that's going to be my intent as much as possible said Tamra Walthall, DVM.

Liles was able to take home some cat food and even bedding for his rabbits.

"All the support we've gotten from everybody it's wonderful you know that's basically what this world needs to be," said Liles.

Now they wait to find out when they'll be allowed back home.

Vet clinics in the Waco area say they do not need any more supply donations.

But the Humane Society of Central Texas is accepting cash donations to help pay for the medical care of the animals.