BCS MPO Call for Transportation Projects

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The Bryan/College Station Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) invites the public to participate in the update of the Metropolitan Transportation Plan by submitting ideas for transportation projects or areas of concern within Brazos County. The Call for Projects period is
open May 22 – June 6, 2014.

The MPO consists of voting members from the Cities of Bryan and College Station, Brazos County, Texas A&M University and the Texas Department of Transportation. The MPO also coordinates with The Brazos Transit District, the general public and other entities that are active or interested in transportation related issues.

The MPO is responsible for the federal transportation planning process within Brazos County. Part of this process includes the development of a 25-year, long-range transportation plan known as the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP). The MTP is a multimodal plan that addresses highways, bicycles, pedestrians, transit, rail and aviation. The MTP also includes factors that impact transportation decisions such as changes in population and employment, safety, congestion, freight movement and land use.

The goal of the MTP is to address the transportation needs for our region through the year 2040 by identifying and prioritizing transportation projects within projected funding limits.

Suggestions may be mailed, e-mailed or faxed to:
BCSMPO - 2040 MTP Update

Email: 2040MTP@bcsmpo.org

Fax: (979) 260-5225

3833 S. Texas Ave., Suite 290
Bryan, Texas 77802