B/CS Students Get Appreciation for the Arts at BVSO Children's Concert

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As 4th and 5th graders from Bryan/College Station filled Rudder Auditorium, the Brazos Valley Symphony prepared to fill their ears with something most of these 10 and 11 year olds had never heard.

Some were eager with anticipation, others couldn't wait for the journey to begin.

But this was more than just a concert, this was a performance that included a little ballet. One lucky student even got to conduct the orchestra. 5th Grader Avery Hamff was handed the baton and lead the symphony to March from the Nutcracker. It was a pretty empowering experience for Avery.

"You could feel the beat in your feet."

A&M Consolidated Senior Michael Bettati also got to stand up in front of the orchestra and play a concerto thanks the Brazos Valley Youth Concerto Competition he won.

"It's just spectacular to be able to play with an orchestra of this magnitude."

The performance wrapped up with a narrative piece called "Billy and the Carnival," and it happened to be one of the highlights for many of the concert goers.

"I thought it was pretty amazing how the sounds made Billy and the Carnival sound so much like carnival," said Traditions Montessori School Student Leah Carins.

Passing along an appreciation for the arts is what this concert is all about and judging from the crowd, well they liked what they heard.

"Oh it was awesome," said Davina Elms from Traditions Montessori School.

"I think it was great," said Irvin Gallegos from Anson Jones Elementary.

"I liked how all the instruments sound," said Elianni, another student from Anson Jones.

"Exciting, it was very thrilling," said Elms.

In all, over 3500 students from Bryan and College Station ISD attended the concert.