B/CS Hopes Potential Move to SEC Could Bring Big Bucks

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With Texas A&M University on the fast track to the Southeastern Conference, the local ecomony is hoping the switch will bring an even bigger boom to the B/CS buck.

"I really think that if we did move to the SEC, it would bring in more fans, more visitors into our community for football games," said Shannon Overby with the B/CS Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Overby feels a potential move the Southeastern Conference could mean brining in more longtime visitors into the area.

"As it is right now the games that we have, if it's Baylor that we're playing or Texas that we're playing, some of them may actually drive home rather than spend the night. With the SEC, they're coming in from out of town, they'll have to spend the night," said Overby.

The possible move already has business booming at Aggieland Outfitters. Their SEC shirts which help spell out SECede are having to be restocked everyday.

"We've sold so many, I can't even keep track. Our system couldn't even keep up with how many have been sold, it's just been that fast," said Zachary Salesman with Aggieland Outfitters.

In fact, there's a new Aggie shirt that was designed on Monday with the hopes of becoming the next big seller. It simply says Ags, but is a play on the SEC logo.